Eating disorder test 

If food rules your life, then you may have an eating disorder. Whether anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating... or simply a continual wrestle with your weight, such problems affect millions of people each day. 

Take our test and see whether you have an eating disorder, or whether you might be in danger of becoming a sufferer. When you have a mix of Anorexia and Bulimia you might have Ed-nos (Eating Disorder non otherwise specified), and when you exercise a lot you might have Anorexia Athlectica; as a man you might have Inverse Anorexia. This test is a mix of different characteristics from several eating disorders.

  Write down how many statements you can identify with.

1. I’m thinking about food all day long
2. I’m wearing a mask (I laugh when I feel down)  
3. I look in the mirror often or preferably try to avoid the mirror
4. I’m anxious or terrified to gain weight
5. I postpone eating, even though I’m hungry
6. I prefer eating alone and/or in secret
7. I’m unhappy about the size of my body
8. I use laxatives to prevent gaining weight
9. I throw up/purge after eating
10. I exercise as much as I can
11. I check my weight on the weighing scale often
12. I often pretend as if everything is okay
13. I’m a pleaser and care for others
14. I often eat large quantities of food
15. After eating I often feel guilty
16. Sometimes I can’t stop eating
17. When I binge eat; I eat a lot faster than usual
18. I’m ashamed of the large quantities of food I eat
19. After eating I’m disgusted with myself
20. I lie to people I love about what I eat and what I do
21. I spend a lot of time counting calories
22. I’m on a diet to lose weight
23. I read food magazines, check new diets and recipes
24. I’m a perfectionist; I want to do everything correctly
25. I prefer eating alone to eating in company
26. I avoid fattening food and/or food with a high quantity of sugar
27. I have the feeling I cannot stop once I started eating
28. I eat large quantities of food to make myself feel better
29. I often skip meals to prevent gaining weight
30. When I’m binge eating, I have the feeling I lose control
31. I eat until I feel uncomfortable
32. I’m afraid to fail and to do things incorrectly
33. When I’m binge eating, I don’t care what I’m eating
34. I eat large quantities of food when I don’t feel good
35. I feel a great urge to exercise (to burn calories)
36. I have the feeling that (not) eating is taking over my life
37. I have a strong desire to lose weight
38. I have difficulties setting my own boundaries
39. I avoid looking at my own body in the mirror
40. I often check to see if I gained weight
41. I feel sad and/or restless if I gained weight
42. I feel guilty if I ate something
43. I’m proud of myself if I say no to food
44. I think about (not) eating all day
45. I find it difficult to talk about my feelings
46. I’m very unhappy with my body
47. My day is ruined if I gain weight
48. I feel guilty when I can’t sport or exercise
49. I feel extremely happy (euphoric) when I lose weight
50. Not eating gives me a sense of strength and being in control

✓ How many statements did you recognise?

If you recognise yourself in more than 10 statements, you might have an eating disorder.
Please schedule a free intake for yourself and find out how we can help you.

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