Treatment eating disorder aftercare: BOUNCE BACK

Whether this is your third or sixth treatment program, if you feel that thoughts about food, yourself, and your body are still taking over your life and you want to change this then Bounce Back© is the training for you. You don't have to be ashamed that you have relapsed again, and again. And maybe you think you will never be able to overcome your eating disorder, and you have surrendered to the thought that your eating disorder will always be there in your life. 


  • Letting go of old pain and hurt

  • Develop more emotional intelligence

  • Know your pitfalls and bounce back

  • Built your self esteem and resilience

  • Working on better inner communication

  • Structure (and eliminate) 'bad' thoughts

  • Stand up and speak up for yourself

  • Letting go of your eating disorder

YOUR Professional Coach

You and your coach will investigate your current way (blue print) of thinking, and discover the emotional patterns and limiting believes that are holding you back. How did it get so far? Which patterns, traumas and limiting believes need to be healed or eliminated? What is the potential risk (triggers) for you to relapse again? You will get to a whole new level of getting to know yourself - the unconscious self - and you will clearly realise what you need, want and feel. 

You will get coaching from a coach who is recovered herself/himself, and during the coach sessions you will complete the 20 steps in the workbook. 

Aftercare eating disorder treatment Bounce Back


  • Ten coach sessions: 90 minutes (Live of via Skype)

  • BOUNCE BACK© workbook (diary & pencils)

  • 24 hours access online system: with inspiring mind trainings:
    guided meditations, visualisations, videos and tests.

You will get insight in your life journey and future expectations. You work with a workbook (incl. stories and tips of people who recovered) and online audio, movies, mind trainings, tests and inspiring exercises. You will be working with the Core Quadrant Game and Family Constellations. You will discover your own competences, qualities and pitfalls. You will learn about your limiting believes, and how to change those.You will receive audio- visualisation and guided meditations. investment: € 999 incl. tax. 

How do others feel after BOUNCE BACK? 

Nelly, 46 years
"I always thought that my eating disorder would stay with me as a fly glued to a lolly stick. During this program I discovered my most limiting believes, and I realised how manipulative I have been towards myself and others. Together with my Personal Coach I created new empowering believes. After all these years I am so proud to say that I recovered, and I am not even afraid to fall back or relapse again." 

Marjan, 32 jaar
"De eerste stap naar hulpverlening is moeilijk én de tweede of derde stap, misschien nog moeilijker! Dit traject bij ISA Power zou niet mijn eerste behandeling worden, maar wel mijn laatste! Dat wist ik vanaf het eerste kennismakingsgesprek!"

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