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Emma, from Sweden
For four years I have struggled with a binge eating disorder. When sad and lonely I was triggered to turn to food for comfort, it was my best friend and my worst enemy. For years I had tried to overcome my addiction through strict healthy diets and fitness regimes. I never stopped to realise that the solution would lay in something deeper than the physical. This was until I turned to the (B)EAT IT program at ISA Power. I no longer have an unhealthy relationship with food. Through exercises and emotional talks I came to find the root of my addiction and how to overcome it. Thanks to my coach I have gained self acceptance and appreciation, the only way that I could have come out of my yoyo lifestyle of overeating and starving myself. I can now happily go have that piece of cake without having the need to eat the entire thing. I am enjoying life again and my relationship with food has blossomed into something beautiful! 

Eugenia, from Spain
Before knowing Isabelle and her method, I was completely lost in a circle of sadness and destruction called bulimia. At that time I had carried it with me, all alone, for 4 years. I thought that I could get better by my self but that never happened. I realised that I couldn’t go through it alone and that I needed help from someone else. That’s when I contacted ISA Power. And for the first moment I felt understood, because my coach stood for the same situation once, and felt the same way. Sawing her completely recovered gave me the strength, the motivation and the hope to keep fighting. And with her help I realised that I could do it too. I am so happy with the (B)EAT IT program I followed. Her care and this program guided me to recovery, something that I never thought would be possible. She helped me to change the way I was thinking. And I rebuilt my life, where food is not a problem anymore. I am really grateful because my experience with ISA Power completely changed me, and now I am able to be happy and enjoy my life again.

Linda, 42 years
"After 25 years of suffering from my eating disorder I was fed up. After my treatment in the clinic finished, I needed more. When I visited the website of ISA Power I was immediately enthusiastic. I send them an email and very soon I got a reply and an intake scheduled with one of the coaches. What a relieve to speak to somebody who really understood! I choose to follow the (B)EAT IT Personal Training and I not only learned to stop making excuses, and take back control I also learned how to put my health on the first place. I also signed up for the workshops and the three day event. By doing this I can finally leave my eating disorder behind and look at my future full with confidence and pride. I want to thank all of the coaches, volunteers, and fellows!  

Rowan, 13 years

“I did not know that so many people suffered from an eating disorder, until I attended an event of ISA Power.  Together with my Personal Coach Ad I started with BEAT IT 4 KIDS. My dream is to become a professional soccer player one day. Since Ad is coaching me I have more dreams that I want to come true. The will to overcome and recover from my eating disorder has grown immensely since Ad is coaching me. Every day I am doing better. I feel really understood by my Coach Ad, and this is exactly what I needed to recover!  

Patrick, 18 years

I don't talk easily, but my Coach found a way to get through to me. Every time I spoke to her I felt more positive. After a couple of years of being addicted to drugs I stopped using. I also learned to accept things for the way the are. My coach always listened to me, and only gave advice when I asked her. There should be more people like her on this world. Not many people have this devotion and passion to help other people the way she did. I respect her a lot. And I want to thank her for always being there for me.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 17.44.06.png

Jettie, 23 years   

“The real Jettie wants to LIVE - ENJOY’. But my eating disorder makes this impossible. I live according to ’sick' rules and I have negative thoughts in my mind. I am deluding myself and live in a illusionary safety. Thanks through the coaching and the three day event I was confronted with the FREE Jettie that lives inside of me, and wants to break free. I learned to look at myself and my life in a different way. Through the fear I can feel that the real Jettie is coming back. The coaches of ISA Power gave me so much strength, hope and believe, and I working on becoming me again, and NOT the person I think I need to be.”

Kirsten, 42 years

“After 25 years of living with an eating disorder I was done with this cookie monster who lived inside of me, and controlled me. I had a gastric bypass surgery and afterwards I realised I needed more. I am in the middle of the (B)EAT IT program and many ridiculous rules (about food) have stopped to exist. I now allow and accept my emotions to be there. I try not to numb or suppress them anylonger. My obsessive relationship with food has come to an end and my eating disorder is outside next to the garbage. I fired him. I come to realise that I no longer need him to feel safe, comfortable and numb my emotions. I know that I hold the POWER, me and nobody else, to overcome this together with my Personal Coach."

Maxime, 22 years 

“I believed I could not recover from my eating disorder, until I met Isabelle Plasmeijer of ISA Power. After completing the (B)EAT IT program I knew better. You CAN overcome your eating disorder, even after 12 years of being sick. I had a lot of help in the past, from clinics, psychologists and other organisations but none of it seemed to help me really. I lost hope and courage, and I never thought that I could overcome my eating disorder within one year.  BUT I DID! In ONE year! Now I am a volunteer at ISA Power and I am the living proof that anybody can overcome their eating disorder. If I CAN, so can YOU!

Rosanne, 17 years

“By specialists I was told you can never really recover from your eating disorder. So why fight... I thought to myself.  Then ISA Power crossed my path and my life turned upside down, in a very positive way. I remember the first meeting with my Personal Coach, it felt so good and familiar in a way. I started the (B)EAT-IT program immediately. My coach gave me the power and strength, and she made me believe in myself once again. I knew she would do whatever it takes to help me. She was devoted and passionate, because she had gone through the same process herself. And because of her personal experience I was easily convinced when she asked me to do something. I respected her. I always felt a deep understanding from her side. She was my role model.” 

Nienke,  35 years

“When I doubted where and with whom to start therapy, I planned a free intake with a Coach of ISA Power. She asked me "What do you need to get better?”. When I told her what I needed she responded confident and strong that she would do whatever it takes! Then I knew she was the one that could help me to get better. She listened and never judged. And when she confronted me, she did it with love.” 

Mette, 17 years

I overcame my eating disorder. The (B)EAT IT Program was very valuable to me. This program was not only about food. It taught me many things about my self, about my self worth, how to trust myself, and it taught me how to built stronger relationships with friends and family members. The coach sessions where GREAT. My coach never judged me, and she had great advice. I learned to be proud at who I am. I also learned how to relax, and enjoy this, and that I should not pressure myself to much. I learned to let go of my role as a perfectionist."

Nikki, 16 years

During the coach sessions we talked about anything and everything. The best thing about talking to my Coach was the fact that I could finally talk somebody who really understood what I was going through. I learned to look at myself from a different perspective, and how to challenge my negative thoughts. The one I appreciated the most was the fact that my Coach could share stories from personal experience. She was not ashamed to share anything, this made it easier for me to open up as well.

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