Are you stuck in your relationship with food? Did you try diets, pills, work-out programs, shakes, not eating etc.... maybe you lost weight but still you weren't happy? No matter whether you are an emotional (binge) eater, you diet constantly (or starve) this video training is for everybody who wants to create a happy, healthy and loving relationship with their body and food. Isabelle Plasmeijer is an expert in the field of eating disorders. She overcame her own eating disorder (anorexia and bulimia) and knows what she is talking about. 

Isabelle Plasmeijer will show you:   

❀ The way to get started creating the life you want: 
and how to face challenges, and set boundaries for yourself.

❀ The way to get to know your true self: 
and become connected to the true essence of your inner self.

❀ How to break through the top barrier: 
and learn how to overcome your eating disorder quickly.

❀ The fastest way to quiet the noise of your busy life:
and get back on track when negative thoughts intrude.

❀ How to deal with "negative" emotions:
and how to look and deal with at emotions in a neutral way.

You have nothing too lose! 

Except for the risk you run of being a happier person afterwards – so accept Isabelle’s invitation to join her for "a happy and healthy relationship with yourself, your body and food", and sign up now! 

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The 7 steps R.E.C.O.V.E.R. system is developed by Isabelle Plasmeijer. She believes recovery can be a beautiful journey. The video program + workbook will help you investigate the true essence of yourself. It will help you effectively change your emotions, your thoughts and your behavior. It will help you from where you are right now to where you want to be. Allow this program to rejuvenate your life. Below you see the 7 steps R.E.C.O.V.E.R.™ system. 


RECOVER video training www.isa-power.com

Praise for this video course

Creating a loving relationship with yourself, your body and food is not easy. I have hated my body for a long time, and my relationship with food was very bad. I did not believe an online course would help me. But after this online course I can truly say I see things differently, and I can recommend anybody to do the same.
— Kim
This is truly an amazing course. From beginning till the end Isabelle was able to keep me motivated. And normally I am not motivated to do something online. But this was great and it helped me so much! Before I did not believe recovery was possible, but now I am sure I can beat this too!
— Marry
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