Dare to dream again, who could you be without your eating disorder?

A person who dreams big is an ordinary person. People who dream are considered unrealistic, stupid even sometimes. What makes dreamers extraordinary is that they find the courage, heart, and discipline to make their dream come true. And even when their dreams do not come through they had the passion to get out of their bed every morning because they were fighting for what they believed in. 

There is define wisdom in you

Within each of us is a core of goodness, wisdom, and heart that has been there from the start. Since the day you are born you are here with a purpose. The problem is that we forget this along the way called life. We experience things, trauma, grieve and we lose hope and our dreams fade away.t we can do the same. As the years go by disappointment and criticism turn into fears, doubts, and anxieties that obscure this essence. Then of course we can’t go out in public with our inadequacies hanging out, so we hide them behind our "I’m happy" mask. I am sure you have a mask like that too. The "I'm just fine" face.

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How do we break out?

Soon our spirit becomes hidden, and we can forget that it even exists. How do we break out? Well, the good news is that it doesn’t take years of therapy or 100 self-help books to overcome your eating disorder and/or other self destructive behavior and negative thoughts.

Breaking your self destructive patterns starts with a single thought: "I am fed up, I am done with feeling like this" then ask yourself this question: "How do I want to feel instead?"

Your dream should be so attractive and satisfying that you would do anything to accomplish it. Make a commitment to making it happen. When you do that, a burst of energy will go through your body. You will become unstoppable. Because your commitment doesn’t care about your self-doubt or that you’re too busy. 

Why do you need to dream big?

Because the world needs you to put your talent and gifts to work. The world needs talented, brave, sensitive and good people like you. We know you are because people with eating disorders are generally very sensitive, humble, creative, caring, compassionate and intelligent. The only problem is that they don't see it themselves and will not admit it. But everything and everybody counts. Making your dreams come true is the fastest track to personal transformation and learning to make the next big dream come true.

Stop wasting time by telling yourself you can't do it because...

  • I am not intelligent enough

  • I do not have the right education

  • I am not beautiful enough

  • I don't have enough money

  • I just can't do it

Playing the victim and pointing the finger is just an excuse. You are allowed to admit and tell yourself (and others) you are scared and insecure. That is all fine. Who isn't? 

When you have to make an important decision in your life, then ask yourself this question: "Which price do I need to pay if I don't change? And what is the price I pay when I change?"

Most of the time, the price you have to "pay" for changing is facing your fears. That's all. On the other hand, the price of not changing is much worse. Because it would mean that you will continue to feel the same day in - day out, you will have an eating disorder forever and you will have to live with your fears forever.

But dreaming is painful and scary...

dreaming can be scary, because what if you fail? What if your dreams will never come true? Most people don't pursue their dreams because they are not able to handle the potential disappointment. Dare to take a risk. Dare to dream without knowing what will happen. Try it anyway. You can not fail, you can only grow and learn. Making mistakes is impossible, you are enrolled in the University called Life. You can not fail.

Remember growth is outside our comfortzone, and growing and learning is painful. But there’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you achieve something you really didn’t think was possible.


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