Book: The Wolf in Sheep’s clothing

The wolf in sheeps clothing isabelle plasmeijer

 A book for parents and other allies who want to help somebody recover from an eating disorder. This book teaches you what to do and say to a person suffering from an eating disorder. The stories in this book are written by coaches and experts who themselves have recovered 100 percent from their own eating disorders. These stories will definitely inspire and motivate you to understand, cope and help effectively.

“What would happen if you really did get as fat as an elephant?” Kim’s mother asks her daughter, whose Anorexia has rendered her stick-thin. Kim’s fear to gain weight is even bigger than her fear of death. “What does fat mean to you?” Kim’s mother asks a lot of open and investigatory questions. Kim slowly starts to realise that the illness she is clamping onto so tightly does not serve her at all. This book gives answers to pressing questions such as: What should I do if my daughter does not want to eat? How should I react when she starts to binge and purge? What should I do when I suspect my child is lying and manipulating? How do I survive through this difficult period myself? How do I break through this vicious circle? What helps and what does not? Where can I find professional help?

“But isn’t Anorexia a girl’s disease?”

This book is for everybody. Numerous Eating Disorders are discussed, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Orthorexia, the Adonis Complex, Anorexia Athletica, but also Inverse Anorexia and many others you might not have even known existed. This book is for everyone who no longer wants to be a spectator, but want to actively make a difference. This book is filled with helpful tips, examples and inspiring role plays, so that you can make a change right away. You can do it.

€ 19,95

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