Does eating disorder treatment really works?

Does eating disorder treatment really works? Yes. Most cases of eating disorder can be treated successfully by appropriately trained health and mental health care professionals. But treatments do not work instantly. For many patients, treatment may need to be long-term.

It's like brushing your teeth. When you do it once, they are clean for one day. But that does not mean you don't have to brush again, because they won't stay clean for ever. We look at recovery the same way; it is personal development. Eating Disorder recovery is a journey, and it can take a couple of months up until 2 years, or even 7 years. This all depends on how committed you are and where you seek help. 

Incorporating family or marital therapy into patient care may help prevent relapses by resolving interpersonal issues related to the eating disorder. Therapists can guide family members in understanding the patient's disorder and learning new techniques for coping with problems. Support groups can also help.

Eating disorder treatment

Remember: The sooner treatment starts, the better. The longer abnormal eating patterns continue, the more deeply ingrained they become and the more difficult they are to treat.

Eating disorders can severely impair people's functioning and health. But the prospects for long-term recovery are good for most people who seek help from appropriate professionals. Qualified therapists, such as licensed psychologists with experience in this area, can help those who suffer from eating disorders regain control of their eating behaviors and their lives.

If you want help, please don't hesitate. You don't have to be ashamed. You can get help too. Contact us to schedule your intake.

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