Imagine… 3 days with Isabelle and her team. You will enter a supportive environment of people just as amazing as you! At the 'Once in a Lifetime Event' you won't simply discover who you are, but you will also create your own life changing experience. Connect with others and yourself - to find your true purpose and create a better mental and physical health. You will gain a better understanding of what made you get stuck, what motivates your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This event will help you to get unstuck and make a breakthrough.

“This has been amazing in helping me understand how to break my destructive relationship with food. It has also helped my relationship with my parents and sister to get back on track. The event helped me connect to my inner strength. Isabelle and her team is amazing."
- Emmely


Sorry, we don’t have rules. Everybody is welcome. We don’t care how much you weigh, how old you are, whether you are a boy or girl ….. and we don’t need to know how long you have been sick. We only care that you get better and re-connect to your passion and find your true purpose….NOW. This event is for people who suffer from emotional eating, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or any other form of eating disorder. You don’t need a diagnose. Everybody is welcome. The experienced - and recovered - coaches of ISA Power will  'push' you towards a breakthrough!

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The event will be hosted in Dutch

DATES: 11-13 October 2019
Start Friday at 19.30  
End Sunday at 16.00 'o clock.

LOCATION: We are staying in a former
monastery Beukenhof. Biezenmortel (Brabant): www.beukenhof.nl

EINDHOVEN AIRPORT: Only a 30 minutes drive from Eindhoven AirportBook a cheap plane ticket.

AGE: No ages restrictions. We believe young and old can learn a lot from each other.  

PRICES:  €399,- per person

CANCELLATION:  Up to 14 days before the event you can cancel free of charge. If you cancel within those 14 days we apply our normal company policies. 

RULES:  Unfortunately not everybody can come to our event. We value your and our safety. If you are not physically capable of coming, due to your underweight we advice you not to come. Check with your own doctor if you can come, and read the rules for participation below.

everybody is welcome

We welcome everybody. The youngest participant to our event was 11 years old, and the oldest was 62 years old. What is important is the respect we have for each other. When we learn to open up, listen and not judge, we will come to understand that we are all the same, no matter our financial situation, or size jeans, body weight or social background. Whether you struggle with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or any other type or kind of eating disorder, we welcome everybody to our events. We do take your age and specific eating disorder, and it's specific challenges -  into account. 

“rules” for participation

1. You are motivated
* You are curious and enthusiastic, and you look forward meeting other people just like you.

2. You want to beat your eating disorder
* You will not purge, use laxatives or refuse food. Of course we know you can’t be perfect at once. We will motivate you, we will not push you.
* You will always be honest about what you need. So please come to us when you have a question or suggestion how we can help you better.

3. You will eat with all members in the group.
* Even though it might be difficult sometimes you will try your absolute best to enjoy and eat your food.
* There is plenty of time for a bit of ME time. And when you need to eat snacks, breaks, just tell us.

4. You are physically capable of joining the event
* We will go for a small walk (of 30 minutes), but most exercises we do lying or sitting. Small dances in between, but no crazy stuff.
* You have enough concentration to participate. When you can’t or need a rest we respect that and we will facilitate you to stay healthy.
* Check with your doctor is you are insecure whether you are capable of participating.Your health is very important to us, we don't like to take risks.  

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