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Eating Disorder Seminar - for students

Saturday 24 February 2018, Amsterdam (Netherlands) 

Your are a student who is studying to become a professional psychologist, health care worker, (SPH student) and you want to make a difference in this world. Maybe you have been discussing and reading about eating disorders at school, in books, but have you come to understand the secret language of eating disorders? 

This day is meant to educate you, but above all, to inspire you as a young professional therapist!

Isabelle Plasmeijer (author of the book "The wolf in sheeps clothing" and founder of ISA Power) and Peggy Claudpierre, philosopher and therapist, (author of the book “The Secret Language of Eating Disorders” and soon to be published, ‘’Roses In The Vineyard’’,) will be speaking on this day. Peggy helped her own daughters recover from their eating disorder, when doctors offered little hope. In her clinic she helped men and women (of all ages) and children (as young as three, four, five and seven) from around the world to be well. Peggy treated people that have been given up as ‘hopeless’, ‘treatment resistant’; non-compliant’, declared, ‘hospice worthy’ and was able to turn their lives around to complete cure. You will learn of these examples and why they live lives without problems.

On Saturday the 24th of February we will tell you what it takes to recover from an eating disorder. We will also share new insights into the negative mind and how to communicate with your future patient(or client) while she/he is going through the battle in his/her mind. You will have a chance to understand the derivation of the mind that controls the sufferer.

What will you learn this day?

You will also learn about eating disorders (and other related self harm manifestations such as OCD, Depression, Agoraphobia (anxiety) and Substance abuse and it's cure; the need for prevention; because ultimately, that also, will be the fastest cure.

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We have one goal only...

We exist, primarily, to bring a positive and effective intervention to a particular class of psychological patient; those whose self-harming manifestations (such as Eating Disorders. OCD; Agoraphobia, Cutting; Panic and Anxiety Disorders; Identity Disorders; Addictions; Iatrogenic Trauma;) have failed to respond positively to other standard interventions. We have one goal only; that is, a permanent positive cure. Why?; Because it is possible.


TIME: 10 till 16 'o clock
DATE: Saturday 24 Feb. 2018
The Rose (Vondelpark)
Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands
PRICE: € 100 p.p. / Student €35 p.p
FOOD: Lunch is available at the venue.



Though this program is stated through lecture time, should you wish extra one-on-one time with Isabelle or Peggy to discuss your situation in a private meeting (with your sick child/partner etc...) please send email to: info@isapower.nl

Saturday after 17.00 until 19.00 'o clock and Sunday will be available for these sessions beginning at 10.00 till 18.00 'o clock. 







What will you learn this day? 

Isabelle Plasmeijer will not only share her personal story on how she overcame her own eating disorder and how to "crack the recovery code". She will also share numerous stories on how her clients turned their lives around. And Isabelle will teach you how to reframe a painful experience in your past in a way that empowers you and makes you the hero of your own story.

Peggy Claudepierre will share her personal story on how she helped her daughters recover and her experience with working with the most "complex" clients from all over the world. Furthermore, Peggy will also share few of her newest discoveries and insights from her upcoming book, ‘’Roses in the vineyard’’. 

What else can you expect?

The role of parents: What is required for your child to be well;
How to deal with your own emotions by really understanding what you are contending with.
Your attitude towards your loved one; Why it is so important. Having the vision to see the condition to its end.

Society’s misunderstanding about eating disorders:
Unawareness causes multiple unnecessary deaths. And should we accept legalized murder (euthanasia)?

The thinking patterns of someone with an eating disorder: Where these came from;
What went wrong to create negative thinking and resulting self-harm?
Confirmed Negativity Confirmation (CNC) and the Negative mind and the consequences.
Understanding the Negative Mind.
The Derivation; Cause and Development of CNC and its unwitting Confirmation.
Distinguishing the ‘Subjective Child’ vs the ‘Objective adult’

What is neuroplasticity? How does neuroplasticity work? Why does neuroplasticity work?

Cure & Prevention:
Is an eating disorder curable? Why 'reversal' is not an appropriate term?
Why should we go for cure instead of coping?
How can we prevent eating disorders?
The discussion of ethics and examples of the extreme.

Hope and Positivity;
How to stay hopeful and positive? 

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