During this journey we will be working on increasing your level of self -confidence, -love, -worth, -trust, -appreciation, and self communication. We will investigate the internal battle which you had for so long, and you will get to meet your sub-personalities. If you are as committed as we are, your negative and critical 'voices' inside your head will diminish and will get softer, and eventually disappear. 

At this speciale page you'll find:

  • Inspiring Mind Trainings
  • Motivating videos and movies  
  • Instructions and tests

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Every time you see this star in your workbook you need to watch a video or listen to an audio on this online program. 

Step 1 - Welcome in the dreamroom

Step 2 - Setting up goals

Step 3 - Your wheel of life

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Step 4 - Body Image

Watch the 3 videos of sep 4 now. The first video (Video 1) is about a model who is just being herself, but the editors of the magazine completely photo-shop her. Video 2 and 3 are about (Barbie) Valeria Lukyanova and (Ken) Justin Ledlica. 

Video1 : A model that is photo-shopped completely. 

Video 2 : (Barbie) Valeria Lukyanova

Video 3 : (Ken) Justin Ledlica. 

Step 5 - Bodyscan

Step 6 - Your thoughts clouds

Step 7 - The journey through life

Step 8 - Allowing your emotions to be here

Step 9 - Your eating behavior

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